Background Checks

Please note: Once a year, each manager/coach must submit a background check before the first game of the season. 

Applicants applying for a volunteer position working with children are subject to a criminal background check. Applicants with a criminal history from a period of one to ten years may not be permitted to volunteer (i.e. coach, board member, etc.).

Denied applicants may request a formal hearing by a review committee provided the applicant has no current record, no arrest, violation and or convictions within the ten year period.

Any false information given on the application will result in application and volunteer position being denied.

The following offenses are unacceptable for a volunteer position with CALL: (1) Violent acts against a child, spouse, or another individual, place, or property. (2) Sexual conviction of a child or another individual. (3) Drug conviction. (4) Violent felony offenses. (5) Habitual offender. (6) Pending cases that involve number 1 through 5. (7) An outstanding warrant will automatically terminate volunteer position. (8) False information on an application will automatically terminate volunteer position.

Pitch Count Rules and Guidelines
Little League establishes rules for pitch counts at each level. We intend to clarify these here.


Pitching Logs
We keep track of pitching to help develop pitchers and ensure they do not over throw their arms as they develop.


CALL Equipment, Field Maintenance, and Field Preparation Guide
We plan to place a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that answers all questions that a manager, coach, or field parent (at any level) may have here.


Our rainout policy will go here.  Of note, the home team manager has ultimate responsibility for notifying umpires, Concessions, your League Director, and the VP of Planning of any cancelations and scheduled make-ups.


Game Day Line Up Sheets
These line up sheets will be available here.


Game Day Line Up Spread Sheet
Spreadsheet version will be here.


Umpire Evaluation Sheets
Evaluation sheet for game day umpires will be here.  These completed forms can be turned in to your League Director.


All Managers and Coaches should review the DHYS Safety Information which will be here too.

All CALL Managers, Coaches and Parents should adhere to these guidelines when using CALL equipment during games and practices:
1. Equipment boxes - If you open them you are responsible to lock them. CALL has stocked them with gear, first aid kits and instant ice packs. Let's protect this investment by keeping them locked. 
3. Shed at Monk - There are thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the shed. It is simply unacceptable to leave the shed unlocked or in messy shape. If you open it you need to lock it.  If you find equipment unlocked - take the initiative to lock it. This is our park funded by your dollars. 
4. Lime markers - These require replacement into the shed or equipment locker after every use. Don't wait to bring them back after a game - take them back as soon as you are done. To keep them operating properly moisture must be kept out of them. In fact the manufacturer says to clean and empty them after every use.  I know this is not reasonable at our facilities (during the regular season) but we are guaranteeing theft, damage and malfunctions when we leave them on the field. Plus these things are expensive! The new 4 wheel markers are $300 each. Lets take pride in our equipment.  
5. Dugouts are to be kept clean at all times. Tell your kids they have a responsibility to keep it clean. It is bad manners to leave any field or dugout with trash after any use. 
6. Rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, tamps etc. are not to be left out on the field for any reason. Not only is this a danger hazard but it welcomes vandalism and theft.  By returning the rakes and liners to the sheds we insure the equipment is there for the next guy. There is nothing more frustrating while prepping for a game when you have to go trekking all around looking for what you need. This is a common courtesy issue for all to observe. 
7. CALL is purchasing L-screens for the batting cages.  Do not move these around. 


Coaching Tips

Instructional Videos (Mike Scott Baseball on YouTube)

Practical coaching tips from a Doyle clinic held at Medlock (pdf file)

Positive Coaching Alliance (a great organization for youth coaches)

Pitch counts may be a part of the future for young players (article on PONY website) 

Coaching Strategies (for life)

  • Keep reminding yourself that youth sports is a vital training ground for life skills, and only secondarily for athletic proficiency.
  • A coach is fully responsible for the behavior of his/her team. If the coach does not uphold a standard, the kids will manufacture their own.
  • If a coach fails to hold the kids on the team accountable for their behavior, a parent must intervene. The kids should see that not all adults find their misbehavior acceptable.
  • A coach must stand up for decency and fairness if the other team, or its coach, engages in poor sportsmanship.
  • Here's the ultimate measurement of coaching success: How many of the kids on the team - not just the one or two star performers - would say in honesty that they are having fun and want to keep playing the sport after the season is over? If that percentage dips under 80%, you're losing as a coach, no matter how many games your team wins. [from "How to lose points in youth sports," by David Batstone]