When is registration?

Registration typically occurs in September for the Spring Season for Minors and Majors and up to March for the T-Ball and Federal League Spring Season. Check the CALL website for specific date information. Registration for Summer Jimmy Fund League is usually during late June or early July. 

Note that player caps are in place and many of our leagues are likely to be over-subscribed.  Please be sure to register during the registration period so as to be eligible for full consideration for being placed on a team.  Registering "first" does not guarantee a player slot.  If there are more players registered for a particular age group than our participation limits allow, we will use a series of factors (such as player history at CALL, volunteer history, and participation) to determine the participation roster for the season.

What does the registration fee include?

Your child’s registration fee includes the following items:

  • Uniform (T-Ball through Majors:  shirt/jersey, hat, socks - must purchase pants and belt separately)
  • End of Season Trophies/Medals/recognitions (varies depending on level)
  • Umpires (Federal Kid Pitch through Majors - T-Ball and Federal Coach Pitch are called by coaches excepting a few highlighted games)
  • Game Balls
  • Team score books and pitch counters (Federal Kid Pitch through Majors)
  • Catching gear and equipment bags including batting helmets for each team
  • Field equipment, first aid kits and general maintenance item

Your child’s registration fee does NOT include:

  • Additional uniform items such as baseball pants and cleats (note metal cleats are not allowed)
  • Baseball bat or glove
  • Protective cup (required for all male catchers)
  • Snacks, typically provided by parents on a rotating basis, on younger (5U to 8U) teams
  • Pictures, if you choose to have them taken
  • Team party or coaches’ gifts

What is the refund policy after registration?

To be removed from a CALL program once a player is registered/signed up for a season:

A) 100% of Registration Fees paid will be refunded if a player cannot be placed in a league, due to over-enrollment;

B) 100% of registration fees paid will be refunded if a player is withdrawn prior to the player draft AND your league is over-subscribed;

C) 100% of registration fees paid, with the exception of a non-refundable $25 fee to cover administrative costs, will be refunded if a player is withdrawn before player evaluations AND your league is not over-subscribed;

D) 50% of registration fees paid will be refunded if a player is withdrawn after evaluations but before the draft AND your league is not over-subscribed;

E) After the player draft, 100% of Registration Fees paid are non-refundable.

F) Other refunds may be given on a case by case basis at the Boards discretion with the exception of a flat $25 portion to be non-refundable to cover administration costs.

What league will my child play in?

The Churchill American Little League is subdivided into five separate leagues, primarily based on age, but also on skill at the higher levels. These leagues are:

T-Ball - Ages 5 - 6 - An introduction to baseball. The players bat from the tee, everyone plays in the field. There is one game during the week and one game on Saturday. Each side bats through the order once each inning. Games generally last 1 hour or 4 innings, whichever comes first.

Federal League Coach Pitch Age 7 A coach gently pitches the ball to a player. The player is pitched 6 balls before being given a chance to hit from the tee. There is either a practice or a game during the week and a game on Saturday. Each side bats through the order once or until three outs are recorded each inning. Games generally last 1 hour or 4 innings, whichever comes first.

Federal League Kid Pitch Age 8 Children pitch. There is either a practice or a game during the week and a game on Saturday. Each side bats through the order once or until three outs are recorded each inning. Games generally last 2 hours or 6 innings, whichever comes first.

Minor League Ages 9-12 - The games are more competitive. Games last 6 innings or 2 hours, whichever comes first. Coaches draft players for their teams based on skills demonstrated at tryouts. 12-year old children cannot pitch in this league.

Major League Ages 10-12 - This is the most competitive league. Coaches draft players for their teams based on skills demonstrated at tryouts. Once picked for a major league team, a player remains on that team for all future years of Little League play. To be eligible for the major league, a player must try out at one of the two tryouts held in September and March; there are no exceptions. Any 12-year old that has played in our league at least 2 years and has tried out is guaranteed a spot in the major leagues for his or her last year.

Age Rules - Little League age is determined based on official Little League guidlines.

In rare circumstances, and only for Minor leagues or lower, a player is allowed to advance to a higher league if the player's demonstrated skill level is appropriate for the higher level  AND if the player's participation at a lower level might compromise the safety of less skilled players.  The deciding factor, after safety of the players, is the leagues' needs.

When do practices and games start?

For T-Ball through Major Leagues:

Practices for the Spring season begin in mid to late March, with preseason games starting in March weather permitting.   In the event of adverse weather, games may be rescheduled for weeknights or on Saturdays throughout the season.

Game schedules are created by the league at the beginning of each season.  Every attempt is made to ensure that the schedule is balanced for all teams. As part of the schedule, a home team and a visitor’s team will be assigned for each game. Both teams have certain obligations before, during and after each game, which are listed below.  Please help your team manager and coaches with field preparation.

Home Team Obligations:

  • Occupies first base dugout.
  • Manager supplies two game balls.
  • Responsible for making sure the field is in good playing condition prior to the game.*  Includes dragging the infield and setting foul lines.
  • Manager will select official scorekeeper for the game.
  • Scorebook will be official record of the game.
  • Turn off lights and scoreboards.
  • Clean up of home dugout and stands.

Visiting Team Obligations:

  • Occupies third base dugout.
  • Operation of the field scoreboard.
  • Putting away equipment (scoreboard brain, rakes, shovels, field markers) after the game.
  • Putting away bases if last game of the day.
  • Clean up of visitor’s dugout and stands.

*Please note that in the event that field conditions are such (inclement weather) that more than basic field preparations are necessary to make the field playable, BOTH teams are responsible for field preparation.

How do I know if my child’s game is rained out?

At CALL, we operate with the mindset:  Play all games until officially canceled/postponed.  Any observed lightning is cause for immediate removal of participants from dugouts (away from poles and fences).

Before the game starts the home team manager can cancel the game due to rain, usually in consultation with the visiting manager. After the game begins the umpires decide if the game needs to be suspended due to rain.  In the event of severe weather League Directors or the Board may close a field for one or more days.

If the decision has been made to cancel or postpone a game, your child’s manager, coach or team parent should contact you via email or a message sent through this site.  In addition, once the game has been officially canceled or postponed in our online system, you should receive an automatic email.  You can also sign up to receive text message alerts from our system (during registration).  If you ever have any doubt whether or not the game is canceled, please contact your team manager.

Can my child play up/ down into another league?

In past years CALL was able to accommodate play up/down requests fairly routinely.  However, as most of our leagues are filling to capacity, these requests have become very difficult to honor.  When leagues are full, a play up request can often only be granted by forcing another player to play down.  For this reason, CALL has decided to minimize the amount of players playing up and down.  However, some requests may be granted for safety reasons or to help fill coach slots.  

Does CALL need volunteers?

YES! CALL is a 100% volunteer operated organization.  No one within our organization is paid for their time, energy or efforts.  Each one of us does what we can to help provide a quality baseball experience for your child.  When one registers their child for a season of CALL baseball, one is agreeing to donate three hours of their time to CALL.  The most common ways to fulfill this obligation are by assisting during field day or by signing up for a concession stand shift.  In addition, assistance is needed with managing and coaching teams, prepping the fields for games, acting as team parent, score keeper, score board operator and more.

  • Team Managers, Coaches and Assistant Coaches—work together to teach the children the fundamentals of baseball on an age and skill appropriate level.
  • Field Prep—prepares the field by dragging and lining the field prior to the start of the game.
  • Team Parent—acts as liaison between the league, the manager and the families on the team. Coordinates such things as getting the names on the jerseys, snack schedule, end of season gathering, etc.
  • Pitch Counter—maintains pitch counts and forwards them onto manager following each game.
  • Score Keeper—Keeps scorebook during each game.
  • Score Board Operator—Works the scoreboard during the game
  • Field Day Worker—Work during field day, performing tasks to clean up and get the fields in shape for the season.
  • Concession Stand—The concession stand is solely run and operated by parent volunteers.  All of the proceeds from the concession stand help underwrite improvements to our baseball facilities. It's easy and fun!  Supervised children are welcome to help, too.  Each of the CALL teams will be required to work several shifts in the Concession Stand throughout the season.  Shifts are typically a couple of hours long.  Every dollar made in the Concession Stand benefits CALL.

What are my duties as Team Parent?

The team parent will coordinate the after game snack schedule, the end of season team party, and putting the names on the back of jerseys. In addition, the team parent will help fill any concessions stand slots assigned to the team.  Please visit the Team Parent Resources page.

How do I sign up for a Concession Stand shift?

Please refer to the Concession Duty page from the CALL homepage.

What bats are legal to use at CALL?

Please refer to the Rules page from the CALL homepage.

Does CALL offer scholarships?

CALL offers a limited number of scholarships for players with financial need. To apply please send an email to XXXXX.